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GIVEAWAY PRIZES: (click the picture to scroll through all prizes!)

  • Spiderman Series Minis! ~ Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard!, and Your Web or Mine?
  • China Glaze ~ Luxe and Lush, Optical Illusion, and Crackle Gleam Me Up
  • Sinful Colors ~ Soul Mate, You Just Wait, and Tokyo Pearl
  • Zoya ~ Goldie
  • L’ oreal ~ Club Prive
  • 3 - Nail Star Two Way nail art pen & brushes
  • Jolee’s Jewels ~ Red swarvoski crystals 
  • Cina Nail Creations ~ Over the Rainbow
  • Donalyn Water Nail Decals ~ Two amazing packs of nail water decals! One has hilarious and funny sayings, and the other has some vintage floral designs. :)

**P.S. For one of the entries that asked why I make it a requirement to follow me, to put it simply, I do it for you. The more followers I have, the easier it is for my wholesaler to offer me more things for free/at a lower price, that in return I can give to you. I don’t do it for attention, or just to be able to say I have a lot of followers, I actually have something to offer each and every one of you. I truly love throwing giveaways and I love aspiring nail fanatics like myself to paint, paint, paint. :)

Enter below! Contest starts 12:01am 07/13/2012 & ends 08/13/2012!

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